Every developer, blogger or business owner needs to pick a web host. It can turn out to be quite a challenge. The selection of options is huge and all providers seem the same. Choosing your best solution, it’s better to rely on objective reviews and your experience.

In case you don’t have the latter, use HostingFacts.com to learn everything about the most popular choices on the market. This is an independent site that reviews all hosting providers. It compares all kinds of hosting including web hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. Let’s find out more about the site and what you can find here.

A brief overview of the site

This site contains detailed reviews of popular web hosting providers. Aside from that, each review has an attached link that leads to the provider’s’ official site if you want to buy the service. It’s very convenient. Mind that these are affiliate links and the site earns money when you follow this link and use it for your purchase. It’s not a secret as the site transparently discloses it.

According to HostingFacts.com, the best performing hosting providers are:

  • BlueHost,
  • HostGator Cloud,
  • Hostinger,
  • SiteGround,
  • GoDaddy.

This rating comes from long-term research since the site owners spend 12+ months to learn everything about the services, their features, performance, etc.

The review process

Each review you see on the site appears after a complete study. At first, they buy a domain name for each web host and sign up for a web hosting provider (which will be reviewed). As soon as the test site was created and connected, the research begins. It takes a year to monitor the performance of the web host.

Aside from that, the site tests customer support, pricing policy, and the main features to deliver the complete picture.

Taking into account all the gathered facts, the reviewer creates 3 categories for the most crucial factors. They include:

  • Average load time,
  • Average uptime,
  • The cheapest plan cost.

The points are calculated for each category (speed, uptime, cost) which delivers the best overall choice and the rating of all hosting providers. So far, over 30 providers have been tested. The main page contains a brief overview of the most reliable web hosting providers as well as the pros and cons of each option.

Advantages and disadvantages of HostingFacts.com

The site can boast off lots of advantages:

  • The detailed reviews of numerous providers (32 to be precise).
  • You can monitor the review process on the dedicated page.
  • There is a possibility to compare the statistics of all hosting services.
  • The site is user-friendly and it’s very easy to navigate it.
  • You can learn more about terms like Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Site Transfers, etc.
  • Get genuine, accurate, and new reviews from people who have actually used the providers’ services.

The possible drawback of the site is that it’s relatively new. It exists since 2016 only. It also doesn’t all the popular options. Hopefully, they’ll keep adding new reviews.

Besides, some charts and articles can have small discrepancies which lead to confusion.

The conclusion

All in all, this is a decent site to get profound and high-quality reviews of numerous web hosting providers. The reviews seem unbiased and trustworthy as you can even observe the reviewing process and statistics. They are structured and cover all the facts.