Choosing the best VPN provider is a rather personal process. Users might have different goals for using it, i.e. the same provider can leave totally different impressions. To make your choice reasonable, one needs to look for unbiased reviews that will cover essential facts and details. One of the sources for such reviews is Today we’ll review this site and find out if you can trust its articles.

Highlights of the site

The main facts you should know about this site include:

  • There are 2 versions of the site. You can pick an English or a Spanish one at the top of the site clicking on the corresponding flag.
  • The extensive menu allows picking the VPN provider by the country, platform, entertainment purpose, or cost. Pick the category you are interested in or click on the VPN provider you’d like to learn about.
  • There is a blog with interesting and informational articles related to the industry. You are sure to learn about lots of things you can do with a VPN, how to make the right choices, which bigger companies own VPN providers, etc.
  • A comparison tool picks the best provider for you as you let the system know more about your needs and expectations. You can choose the operating system, the number of devices you want to cover, the payment options, and other filters.
  • There is a comparison table where the top selections are reviewed.

The peculiarities you are sure to benefit from

The site offers reviews of the best VPN companies for countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, India, and China. This doesn’t mean that the company works in that particular company only. However, if you live in one of those regions, you’ll get the list of the most suitable options.

The same thing concerns the platform. You may pick VPNs for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Depending on why you need a VPN, it can be useful to look at the ratings based on a particular need. The site offers solutions for such entertainment goals as:

  • Torrents,
  • Netflix,
  • Popcorn Time,
  • Gaming,
  • Kodi,
  • FireStick,
  • PS4 Gaming.

The site offers direct links to the providers’ sites for easy purchases. You’ll find coupons you can use to get the best price, too. These are the referral links, i.e. the website earns a share of the profit when you purchase VPN services using them.

Remember that it’s a relatively new website. Yet, it managed to stay up-to-date and deliver information about the latest changes in software, pricing policies, and features.

Each review contains a table with the most important details. Here you’ll find if there is a dedicated mobile app, how many countries & servers you can connect through, how much it costs, payment options, pros & cons, etc. Each review is very detailed and devoted lots of attention to both advantages and disadvantages. To stay objective, it uses only facts. stands out offering some instructions in the reviews as well. For instance, how to install a VPN on a certain operating system/device or how to access some extra features.

The conclusion

Choosing a VPN for your devices, a website full of objective reviews is a good place to start. You can easily navigate through numerous reviews to find something that works for you. Make up your mind with why you want to set it up and follow the user-friendly menu to help you make a great choice.