A Must-Haves Secure data room for Business document sharing

Virtual data rooms are an amazing web space for handling, storing, sharing, and organizing confidential documents. The main functions of VDRs include full privacy assurance, but additional functions may vary as their direction differs as well. Providers of this service vary in quality, price, and variety of features, and in this article, we’ll review the best virtual data rooms so you can save time when choosing your provider. 

iDeals Virtual Data Room Review 

iDeals has been providing its services seamlessly to the world’s largest companies for ten years now, and in that time has managed to prove its reliability and versatility. This VDR focuses on working with big businesses and can be useful in almost any field, even biotechnology. The developer provides a free trial of its services so you can see if they are suitable for you, but surprisingly, this trial period is much longer than usual and amounts to as much as two months of free use. 

The main features of the data room:

  • Two-step authentication
  • Files have time stamps so you can see when they were created and uploaded
  • Special Fence View feature restricts file handling from unauthorized devices
  • Qualitative regular scans for malware

Additional features include: 

  • Activity logs, help keep track of all user activity
  • User Activity Control, able to grant or restrict access of any user to certain documents
  • Control the interaction with the document, prohibit copying, printing, screenshots, etc.
  • Convenient mobile application
  • Simple interface with multi-language customization
  • Support service with you 24/7 

The company provides three pricing plans, choose the one that best fits your project

Merril Datasite Review 

Another one of the best data room providers is Merril Datasite. It is a very versatile VDR that is suitable for big companies of any industry as well as for startups. Datasite works with many large companies that have exorbitant requirements, but Merril Datasite provider knows how to attract attention. 

VDR’s main functions are: 

  • Email file uploads
  • The “View as” feature helps ensure that users are properly granted access
  • Easy login from any device
  • The platform supports multiple file types, you can upload them in any form
  • Document expiration date feature
  • Limit interaction with documents, prohibit copying, printing, etc. 

The company provides adequate prices and transparency of the scheme of action. 

Intralinks Dealspace Overview 

Intralinks Dealspace focuses most on secure document storage. That’s why you can find the most sophisticated data protection methods, external and internal security features from this vendor:

  • 256-bit encryption – securely encrypts information
  • Double-entry verification for password protection
  • Dynamic watermarks on files
  • User action monitoring 

Also, again in the name of extra security, the VDR administrator will be notified of any changes within the room. The owner of the room also distributes the roles between employees and customers, those who have more authority in their positions will have more files available, also for example the accounting department does not need documents from the legal department and vice versa, so they will see only the files that are needed for their field of action.

But all these features do not mean that the VDR is only capable of storage, just the opposite, because of the double protection it is perfectly suited for comprehensive verification. 

The developers have also not forgotten about the usability of the platform. They provide their customers with a simple interface and methods of structuring files. VDR has a drag-and-drop feature, automatic indexing, and filters. But even despite the friendly display, the support team is still ready to help you at any second.