There is no need to talk about Avast Antivirus as it is one of the best and most popular cybersecurity solutions on the modern market. Despite providing some controversial functions, the main service of this application is quite outstanding. The company offers different licenses and tariffs to make it affordable for most of the users. However, affordability is not the main advantage of Avast Premier. In fact this license is the best solution the company can offer today and the article will help to decide whether it is worth the price.

What can you get for the additional costs?

Avast premier key costs $35 for the 1-year subscription, whereas you can install the basic version of this application for free. It makes some of the users wonder whether it delivers good value for money or not.

Benefits you get with Avast Premier:

  • Faster speed of scans and overall better performance. Advanced version uses improved algorithms and faster servers for executing the majority of the tasks.
  • Security of any banking activities and internet money transactions.
  • The additional feature of browser scanning, which adds to the protection from all kinds of spyware, viruses and fishing websites.
  • Only the Premier version of Avast Antivirus allows users to connect up to ten devices to a single account and protect them all. You pay for one subscription, thus you save money on getting the same security on every device.
  • Since 2018 it includes the web camera protection feature. You do not have to use a tape to cover it anymore because Avast blocks all the suspicious websites or platforms that try to get access to a camera of your laptop or computer.
  • It includes all of the additional features Avast can offer. Some of them, like for example Gaming mode or Avast Sandbox can be extremely useful to some of the users.

However, despite all the benefits of Avast Premier, it is important to point out its major flaws to give the clearest image of the application.

Flaws of Avast Premier subscription:

  • The price is not competitive for modern standards. Alternative applications offer similar licenses for significantly smaller amounts of money.
  • Low flexibility and versatility because of the variety of functions that can be useful only to a certain type of user. It makes Avast Premier a niche product for people that use PCs and the internet for professional reasons.
  • You cannot try this license out. There is only an option to buy a 1-year subscription. Once you have paid for it, there is a little to none chance that you will be able to return the money.


Avast Premier antivirus is a very niche product that will be a great solution for people that use computers professionally. Its price and set of additional features make it a bad option for the majority of users. However, if you have a key to activate it, you are lucky!